The Maids Central Maryland Reviews

Team 7 performed the best cleaning service we have had since we started with the Maids over 5 years ago. I am so thankful I changed to monthly on Tuesdays. The cleaning they did was far superior to any other we have experienced.



Complete and through job, communication from main office re cleaning times and schedule, dependability.

 Kristina P


The ladies are so friendly when they come. And they do a wonderful job cleaning - I know my house is really clean after they've been here!

 Sheila M


The ladies were very business like, cleaned a very ***** ***** extremely well and did it in a short period of time. Send that team to my house any time. The leader knows her job.



The ladies always do a great job cleaning. Our new member of the family since last November, Dolly - a rescue lab, is always excited to see the ladies arrive, and they treat her with great kindess.



Team 9 has always been courteous, professional, and always did a complete house cleaning. LaWanda was our Team Leader and was excellent in overseeing that evertyhing was done correctly. Mirabel is also excellent and very professional and courteous.



The ladies do a great job every week. The house is always spotless when they finish. They have also been extremely kind to our dog, Jasmine who was 15 years old and we had to put her to sleep on 11/17. Jasmine always looked forward to seeing the ladies on Fridays, and my wife and I are very grateful for how well they treated her. We will always remember their kindness to her.



As always, the ladies did another excellent job of cleaning our home. I usually do a walk around after the cleanings and always find that a complete and thorough cleaning was provided.



Our cleaning crew has been fabulous! Always on time, quick, and thorough. It is wonderful how we have come to rely on their professional, competent service. I would not hesitate to recommend The Maids to friends and family; but I would not want to lose the crew we have!



"I am seldom available when Team #1 arrives bi-weekly. Compared to a previous cleaning service, these folks ""set-the-bar"" for others to emulate. I began to follow their cleaning duties, observing all team members. They are unquestionably ""master level"" workers. Thanks for sending a team that is so meticulous !! J. C. Sharp, Severn, Md."



The ladies who have come to clean our home have been very courteous and polite. The home thoroughly cleaned and smells wonderful. I like that everything, such as pillows blankets, shampoo bottles are neatly arranged.



The ladies of Team 5 are amazingly good at their work. They do an outstanding job at my place, and I am thrilled to see them every time they visit. Please know what a great team Celenia, Lourdes, Danielle, and Isabel are - especially Isabel, what a great job she does on the bathrooms! Thanks ladies - you rock!



The team is very professional and the members accept recommendations without question. They are a happy group who work together well. We are very satisfied with the leadership of team 4 and their excellent teamwork.

 rodney j


The ladies are perfectionists, and don't overlook anything. Team # 6 is superb, and I always love coming home from work on the day they clean my house to find everything sparkling clean.



The service was excellent it was very thorough they were hard working our house is sparkling. They did a superb job and cleaning the entire house we were extremely pleased with their work with Carla and team one again it was just excellent job.



The team is quick efficient and extermely polite. They are a pleasure AND i was able to get a cleaning originally with a phone call the same day. thanks very much



Yes - already have verbally and on Yelp. Our Team and Team Leader have become trusted members of our sphere of preferred service providers - even our Great Pyrenees pup looks forward to their visits (and they look forward to visiting with him). We appreciate their professionalism and their commitment to helping us keep our home clean and fresh.



Team 2 continues to do an excellent job - the team works together to get the job done. The leader not only ensures the team has performed their tasks thououghly but also is a working member of the team. The work has always been top notch.



The team was prompt, completed the tasks in a competent manner, and have always been compassionate of my medical needs. They ask how I'm doing, see if there are other things I need done, and always make sure that they complete the needed things I ask for.

 marilyn K


The ladies are in and out in one hour, and they do a very good cleaning in that time. Our dog, Dolly, loves to see them each visit, and they are very kind and friendly with her.

 Wayne W


We've had The Maids for several years and have always been satisfied with the level of cleaning. The team leader has always been helpful and flexible with the occasional removal of areas that are temporarily unavailable. I look forward to greeting the team monthly as much as I look forward to having a clean home. The Maids has become a welcomed monthly friendly visit!



I have been using The Maids for a number of years and I am very satisfied with the teams and their work ethics.

 Gloria S


The cleaning professionals were extremely professional and courteous. They did a thorough cleaning and were completely efficient. They cleaned quickly and effectively. We are very satisfied. This was our first time using this service, but we have opted to continue using them every other week. Outstanding job! Thank you!



About 2 years ago I interviewed maid services and chose another provider. While they did an ok job, i was never completly satisfied. This time I chose The Maids, and when i walked into the appartment today, I was amazed at how clean it was. You went above my expectations and I would recommedn your service to anyone looking for serivce.



A very dedicated crew, team #9, to doing a very thorough job throughout our home. When they leave, I feel as if we have a new house, it feels so fresh. The girls are lovely and are so kind that I'd like to have them all as neighbors.



For the most part, I get the same ladies every clean - that is number 1.They are dedicated and meticulous. They clean the correct way, thoroughly, and don't cut corners.

 Michele T


Miriam, Marisol & the rest of Team 4 are always prompt, professional and detail-oriented. I am very satisfied with our service and have recommended the Maids to my neighbors and colleagues.



Our house smells and looks wonderful each time it is cleaned. We are very satisfied with our team. I am normally not home when they come, but it is always nice to come home to a clean house after a long week at work. Thank you team #3



Thank you so much team 10!! The house looks fantastic, everything just perfect!! I look forward to having you back to clean again!!



Team #4 was very friendly and very efficient. They worked very hard during the entire visit and I was very satisfied with their work. I plan to schedule monthly cleaning.



We have utilized The Maids for almost five years now. We are extremely satisfied with their professional demeanor, thorough level of performance and trustworthiness. We give them our highest recommendation.

 Ms. Moir, Baltimore, MD

The crew did a FANTASTIC job!!! Thanks to you my home is clean and fresh!! I am really pleased with the results. Thanks again for a job well done!

 Keith – Gambrills, MD


This maid service cleans my house extremely well. They pay attention to detail and rarely do I have a complaint. If I do, it is rectifed imediately or on the next cleaning. I am very satisfied.

 Howard – Columbia, MD


The Maids crew was wonderful. I think this may be the first time in my life that someone else has cleaned my house. You must tell me what they used to clean the toilets - the rust stains from my well water are GONE. I was expecting to be overwhelmed by cleaning supply odors yet barely smelled anything

 Paul Edgewater, MD


My house was sparkly and very clean. I don't know what polish was used, but it made the house really shine. The ladies were effecient and thorough.

 Linda, Severna Park, MD


As a Realtor with Champion Realty, I have been referring and highly recommending The Maids for the past 10 plus years and have found them to be reliable, on time and very thorough. the organization is well managed as well as very attentive to any issued that you may have had in the past with other cleaning companies. It was hard for us to find a company that cleans better than we do. We are a regular customer and have personally found their services to be excellent. Their team approach to cleaning is far superior and efficient to any other local home cleaning service I have used in the past.

 Steve Chapman


I recently had my kitchen redone and the dust and mess were impossible to keep up with. It was so wonderful to come home from work yesterday and find the house spotless. I'm still smiling! Great job!

 Sally – Laurel, MD


Equip Siete" (Team Seven) rocks! Even after the heavy holiday house traffic we had, three kids home from college, the ladies were awesome. I came home today to a very clean house. I stood in the foyer and just said, "Ahhhhh.....

 Charles - Columbia, MD


I am so pleased with the cleaning service and even more happy that the quote was higher than the actual price paid! I greatly appreciate the fact that I was able to get service the day after I called. My house looks and smells clean, without smelling like cleaning products!

 Kim - Severn, MD


The service was much better than the other service I previously had. It was so nice to come home to a freshly cleaned house with shiny floors. Should I say everything shined. Your people did a great job

 Mary, Annapolis, MD


I was completely impressed! After my previous experiences I was very nervous, and I have to say that the team did an amazing job. I will definitely be giving a great review on the survey.

 Sarah Hanover, MD


The ladies are very friendly, and do a great job cleaning our house. Our dog, Dolly, loves it when the ladies show up, and they treat her very well.

 Customer from Glen Burnie, MD