About The Maids of Maryland

The People Who Make it All Happen

Wayne Phillips – Owner and General Manager

Wayne-150x150When Wayne left the corporate world after 20 yeas in the food business in 2001 he and his wife Luanne were looking for a change of pace. They both agreed that residential cleaning was the ideal business to enter. So back in 2002 they took over a The Maids franchise that had already been running successfully for over 10 years. Wayne says the most rewarding thing about owning and running this business is the delight he gets from his relationships with co-workers. We have people from a variety of cultural backgrounds in the company. “They have taught me so much about what brings joy to life.” Wayne works every day on the unwavering commitment to our customers that we provide the very best in residential cleaning bar none.

Favorite sports team: Terps
Favorite movie: Toy Story II

Cheryl Trader – Operations Manager

Cheryl-150x150Cheryl has been with The Maids since 1995. Cheryl started out as a Team Member and worked her way up to Operations Manager where she enjoys working with our teams and our customers. With over 10 cleaning teams and nearly 50 people reporting up through her, Cheryl truly is one who makes the operation go. Her incredibility reliability and commitment to doing the right thing by our customers makes Cheryl an MVP. Cheryl has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite athlete: Jeff Gordon

Linda Crosby – Director of Sales and Customer Relations Since 1998

Linda-150x150Linda Crosby’s sales driven customer service performance have played an important role in making the company what it is today. Linda received The Brand Ambassador Award for 2010 for achieving the highest standard of customer satisfaction. She sincerely likes hearing from customers and goes to great lengths to make sure each customer has an extraordinary experience with The Maids. Linda is an avid reader and enjoys her down time with family and friends. She enjoys fundraisers and helping others.

Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps
Favorite book: The Seven Steps of Highly Effective People

Bobbie Kleinsmith – Office Administrator

Bobbie-150x150Bobbie began working for The Maids in February 2006. She started out as a Team Member and quickly moved up the ranks to Team Leader. She briefly served as Field Manager, but that did not last long either as the position of Office Administrator became available and Bobbi jumped on it. Bobbie grew up in Maryland and currently resides in Glen Burnie with her husband Frank who she has been with for 20 years. She has one daughter Joey. Bobbie enjoys camping with her family and friends.

Favorite food: Crabs Favorite
TV show: Survivor

Kathy Grubbs – Field Manager

Kathy-Grubbs--150x150After starting her career in the hotel industry as a housekeeper, Kathy began working for The Maids in June of 2000. Not long thereafter she was promoted to Team Leader, running a team for five years. In 2006 Kathy was promoted to Field Manager. As a Field Manager “you have to wear many hats, but most importantly you lead by example. With 20 maids looking up to me I take pride in showing them how to be professional in their every day working lives.” I enjoy camping and eating good crabs.

Favorite team: Ravens
Favorite musical artist: Toby Keith

Team 2

Team-2-150x150You are looking at the core of what The Maids is all about; the cleaning team. Our cleaning system originated over 30 years ago and is being continually refined to this day. Our system is and always has been based on a four person team. The result is unsurpassed quality and efficiency. We divide the work in to four functions – kitchen, bathroom, dusting, vacuuming. The benefits of this simple but profound design are numerous. Most importantly is single minded focus on doing a superb job on the assigned function.

This team was honored with the Brand Ambassador Award for 2010; our highest level of annual recognition.

Team Leaders

Team-Leaders-150x150Meet our Team Leaders. We are exceptionally proud of these ladies. You will not find better caliber people in any other cleaning company in Maryland. Team Leaders supervise the team, work as a maid and inspect the work at the end of every clean. They are the primary person to interact with the customer. Not only do they know how to execute our cleaning system, they also know how to relate to customers. You will know them because they are the ones wearing white shirts. They have been certified by The Maids International in three levels of achievement; Team Member, Assistant Team Leader and finally Team Leader.