What to Expect from Your Cleaning Service Company

There are countless maid services and cleaning professionals from which to choose. Just open your phone book to maid service or maids and butlers and you’ll be faced with numerous options in a house cleaning company. Choosing based upon a clever advertisement alone may not yield a sparkling, healthy home. When evaluating a cleaning services company, consumers should have high expectations and not settle for anything but the best home maid service. Look for key benefits and exceptional service levels to ensure your peace of mind.

Home maid service involves more than just cleaning!

When it comes to home maid service, be assured you use a cleaning services company that cleans more than just the easy to reach places. You need a detailed clean in your home for your health and comfort.

A house cleaning company should provide its own cleaning products and equipment to ensure the home maid service employees are trained on their proper use. This guarantees products are used correctly.

Verify the service is bonded and insured. If a maid slips and falls while cleaning the shower or a theft occurs, a homeowner’s insurance policy might not cover the incident. Demand the cleaning services company has coverage for both the business and your home.

Check references or if using a house cleaning company, be sure all employees’ references are checked and residence status is confirmed. It is important that any in-home workers be thoroughly screened prior to hiring. Remember, having a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every clean is important to ensure you’re happy with the finished work.

Make sure the cleaning services company has a standard service agreement because you need to know what will be included with your home maid service and agree upon expectations. Does the house cleaning company have a regimen list of cleaning activities, or do you need to specify the areas in the home that will be cleaned? Be sure you understand what cleaning functions will be completed in your home by the home maid service to ensure you are satisfied with the finished work. For a quick estimate, call 1-800-THE-MAIDS