The Maids’ Logo and Messaging Refreshed

Here at The Maids, we’ve unveiled a bold, updated logo, along with new branding messages designed to build on our position as a highly referred home cleaning service provider.

What’s new? The new logo is modernized and the vacuum cleaner as the letter “d” in “Maids” has been swept away. We’ve also done a little housecleaning and removed the “Home Services” from the name to help minimize clutter. Thus, the new logo appears more sleek and sophisticated. Four stars complete the visual, representative of the four stellar team members who work together to provide a sparkling, exceptional clean for clients.

The Maids’ colors – yellow and blue remain the same, as we realize our bright yellow automobiles and uniforms are part of what makes our look unique. We’ve even incorporated a yellow car as part of our logo on advertising collateral, so consumers recognize The Maids when they see one of our yellow traveling billboards.

Accompanying the new visual personality for The Maids is its fresh brand positioning, “Referred for a Reason.”  The tagline is backed by research that revealed an astounding 96% of The Maids’ customers would refer us to their friends and family. The advertising is fun, tongue-in-cheek and induces a sly wink of humor.  Bold headlines engage consumers to give The Maids a try, playing on the importance of a referral when choosing a maid service:

  • The cleaning service you would recommend to your neighbor. Unless, you don’t like your neighbor.
  • 96% of households can’t agree on anything, except us. It’s hard to disagree with a clean home.
  • Recommended by pretty much, almost, everyone. 96% of our customer would refer The Maids to friends or family. Apparently, 4% don’t have any friends. Or family.

Over the next several months, customers will begin to experience a more contemporary look for The Maids, one that more closely matches our exceptional reputation and brand identity. Watch for The Maids’ new branding as it makes its debut on service vehicles, uniforms, and sales materials. A new and revamped website will premiere in early fall.