Tackle summer messes with finesse

Summer is in the air. The kids have been outside playing until dark, Fido has been lounging in the yard and you’ve spent the morning relaxing on your patio. Although summer paints a pretty picture, it has its own unique cleaning challenges as well. Use these tips from The Maids to ensure your home stays pristine and clutter-free.

After a long day at the beach, who wants to thoroughly wipe the sand off their feet before walking into the house? Keep a small broom and dustpan or hand vacuum near the door to quickly clean up sandy messes. Remove sandals at the door to avoid tracking sand throughout the house.

Damp grass clippings can create a stubborn mess. Allow the clippings to dry and simply sweep up or remove with a hand-held vacuum. To minimize the spread of clippings, place a large throw rug at your home’s entrance.

The constant hustle of summer means less time to organize clutter. Strewn toys, clothes and mail often get overlooked as you’re rushing out the door to the next outdoor activity. Designate baskets for each family member’s items. When the baskets are full, motivate them to put items in their place with a fun race!

Enjoy the vibrant summer sunsets through spotless and streak-free windows. Use a cleaning solution of one drop of liquid degreasing dish soap per two gallons of warm water and a quality squeegee for a professional-like result.

And, don’t forget to enjoy the dog days of summer – they won’t last long!