First Impressions Pay Off!

Summer is the most popular time to sell your home and first impressions are crucial to the sale of your home.

According to Coldwell Banker, within 15 seconds a buyer has developed an opinion of your property. Nothing adds to a buyer’s first impression like a clean home. However, selling your home is a busy time, and people don’t often have time to do a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning experts at The Maids Home Services offers these hints to help you keep your home clean during the selling process and create a great first impression for buyers.

  • Clean the entryway carefully, it,s the first thing potential buyers see.
  • Give your home an inviting scent. Use aroma sprays or potpourri to create a fresh smelling environment.
  • Clean and polish the light fixtures in every room. A brighter home is more inviting.
  • Clear away all clutter, magazines, posters and toys, as well as pet food and water. They make a home feel lived-in, and potential buyers want the appearance of a new home.
  • Open curtains, mini-blinds, and turn on lights. The more lighted your home is, the more open it seems to potential buyers.
  • Add some extra shine to your fixtures. Use baby oil on stainless steel sinks and faucets to make them sparkle. Arrange towels neatly in the bathroom and kitchen to portray a look of cleanliness.
  • Straighten closets. Potential buyers want the feeling of large storage spaces, and if your closets are stuffed full, they may be turned off.

If cleaning your home is too overwhelming during the selling process, The Maids Home Services can assist you with a pre-sell cleaning. The Maids offer a variety of project cleanings, such as move-ins and move-outs. For more information, call your local office at 1-800-THE-MAIDS (843-6249) or visit