Enjoy Your Summer

You don’t have to make big trips to the beach to enjoy the summer.  Maybe it’s sipping lemonade on the patio before work or having a balloon game with your kids after dinner.  Go for a morning walk.  Morning sunlight is the most beneficial and can boost your mood. Open the windows-let some fresh air in your home.  Buy some fresh flowers, there’s no better time to decorate your home with bouquets.

You will have more fun if upkeep and cleaning is easy.  When your lawn is maintained and your garden looks pretty, you are more likely to host a backyard party.  Plant flowers in pots and get fruit trees that are easy to take care of–and you can eat the fruit too! Make sure you have squirt guns, Frisbees, water balloons, and jars to catch butter flies and lightening bugs. It will keep your children busy and happy.  Most grandparents have fond memories of classic outdoor games like tag, hop scotch and Swing The Statue.  Try teaching one of these games to the children.  They are cheap, easy and fun, and the kids will get their exercise.  You will too, if you choose to play with them.