Celebrate The Season Summer Party Entertaining

Summer is the easiest season to entertain. Seasonal produce is abundant and nature does the decorating for you. Outdoor gatherings call for nature inspired, easy-to-assemble arrangements. Water plants become gorgeous centerpieces when placed in clear vessels. Purchase a supply of casual, festive melamine for summer parties. Buy a set of red plates and decorate with white and blue linens and other accents if your party has a patriotic theme. Opt for salads and grilled food in place of stews and casseroles. Colorful dishes create a festive mood. Keeping red wine in red ice buckets and white in white will avoid confusion at summer gatherings. Offer your guests sunscreen, bug spray, flip flops and towels.

After the guests leave make sure the kitchen is the hub of the cleanup activity. Dump everything like food, utensils, plates, napkins, and garbage bags in the hub. It’s a lot easier to tackle the cleanup if it’s centrally located. Vacuum any crumbs from open areas to avoid bugs (you can do a more thorough vaccuming the next day. Blow out any candles, run the dishwasher, and empty all tubs and coolers outside or into a drain.

If you would like help in cleaning before or after your party be sure to contact The Maids at 1800783-1938. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep System delivers the most thorough, presentation-quality housecleaning ever.