Beat the Post Vacation Blues

Your vacation should have relaxed and recharged you - so why is going back to work so hard? Here’s how to diminish the seemingly inevitable post-trip letdown:

  • Pace yourself. Don’t try to plan every minute of your vacation for maximum activity. Build in sufficient time to relax so you don’t return to work exhausted from your “fun.”
  • Schedule your return a couple of days early. Give yourself a day or so between vacation and going back to work; it can help ease the transition to your duties.
  • Let others know your plans. Let clients and co-workers know you’re away and provide them with alternative contacts. You’ll reduce the number of messages waiting for you at the office when you return.
  • Ease into it. If you can arrange it, make your first day back a half-day. You can take care of the most pressing issues before diving back in.

And don’t forget, call the The Maids to help with all your post vacation cleaning needs!