5 Star Rating on Home Cleaning in MD

maids-carAs part of our home cleaning service we continue to strive for nothing less than perfection for our customers. Here is our most recent survey response from a customer in Annapolis, MD. Note that the survey asks for ratings from 1 (not happy) to 5 (highest level of satisfaction or Very Happy).

Home Cleaning Survey Results

………………………. Survey Begin …………………………………….

How often do you have your home cleaned?

A few times a year

What would encourage you to use The Maids on a more regular basis?

They did everything and more than I wanted. Team #7 was impressive

Were you home when The Maids arrived?


Did we arrive at the time promised?


Greeting by Team Members

Very Happy – 5

Team Leader’s ability to effectively communicate

Very Happy – 5

Professionalism upon entering the home

Very Happy – 5

Overall, how satisfied were you with your last cleaning?

Very Happy – 5

The Vacuuming

Very Happy – 5

The Dusting

Very Happy – 5

Cleaning of the Kitchen

Very Happy – 5

Cleaning of the Bathrooms

Very Happy – 5

The thoroughness of the cleaning:

Very Happy – 5

Rate your satisfaction with the attentiveness of the Team Leader that most recently cleaned your home. 

Very Happy – 5

If a friend or family member was looking for a cleaning service, how likely would you be to recommend The Maids?

Extremely Likely

Tell People About The Maids

I felt like I had been treated by the staff of a 5 star hotel after Team 7 left. Everything was shining and clean. I had asked for a spring cleaning and I received a very thorough cleaning of all of the areas of my home I had asked for. I feel Team 7 went beyond the call of duty and touched and cleaned every surface that needed a deep clean. In addition, I was delighted to find my rolls of tissue and toilet paper pressed with decorative touches. This team was kind and considerate and worked extremely hard. My husband and I are going through a hard time with his cancer diagnosis and Team 7′s hard work cheered my day. Thank you for your thorough and considerate service!

Please tell us how we lived up to your expectations of the visit.

5 – Wow! Significantly exceeded expectations

………………….. Survey End ……………………………….

If you cannot say the same about your current home cleaning service, give us a call so we can wow you with our amazing and thorough cleaning services in the Maryland area.