Your Health – A Cleaner, Healthier Home

The Maids uses a 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System that includes a HEPA filtration vacuum system and environmentally preferred cleaning products to make sure you and your family can enjoy the healthiest living environment possible.

Indoor air quality is important to our health and safety, our cleaning services improve indoor air quality by removing, dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander and other allergens and pollutants from your home. Animal dander is a leading cause of indoor allergies and asthma symptoms. Our deep cleaning methods are essential for pet owners to cut down on fur and dander, leaving your house clean and smelling fresh.

HEPA Filtration Back Pack Vacuum

The Maids uses a back pack vacuum with HEPA filtration to capture up to 99% of dust, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, pollen and other pollutants. Our vacuums have a special rubber upholstery attachment to clean furniture and window treatments, designed to remove particles up to 1/210th the diameter of human hair!

Environmentally Preferred Products

An important component of our cleaning service is our cleaning products. We have carefully selected products that are safe for you, your children and your pets to be around. Our cleaning products use bio-based ingredient, are non-toxic, non-flammable, and do not contain known carcinogens or chemicals known to danger the environment.

Part of our eco-friendly cleaning service also includes tools, equipment and procedures that minimize waste and protect the environment. As a way of minimizing paper waste, The Maids uses microfiber cloths that can be washed and reused instead of paper towels.

Our Guarantee

If a thoroughly clean home is important to you, trust The Maids and our highly trained, bonded and insured teams to give you the healthiest, most thorough housecleaning you’ve ever had – every visit.  We guarantee it! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our house cleaning service, we’ll come back and re-clean anything we cleaned in your home free of charge.

Call today to learn more about our healthy cleaning services and get a free estimate for your housecleaning.