The Most Dreaded Chore Ever? Laundry

Can you ever really get caught up in this ever ending chore.  I remember growing up when clotheslines were a part of a washing routine.  There was absolutely nothing better than the sweet smell of sun dried clothing fresh off the clothes line.  In the old day, housewives took great pride on how neatly they could hang up clothing. My grandmother as did many found enjoyment in socializing with her neighbor as they hung out clothes to dry.

In many newer neighborhoods–those governed by homeowners associations, it is against the rules to hang your laundry where neighbors can glimpse it.  In today’s busy world how can you make laundry more fun and less dreaded?  You do not have to do all the laundry by yourself.  If you have children, then ask them to help.  You can start it out as a game by having them sort their clothing in the right drawers.  You can listen to music and even dance, make it a fun game to see who can fold the clothes the quickest.

I hope you enjoy your laundry day. As for the rest of your housework call The Maids 410 231-7466.