Spring Signals it’s Time to Make a Switch

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and spring is in the air! This means it’s time for spring cleaning! With The Maids - you can let us handle the dirty work for you. But there are other chores that need some attention each spring too, and you can start them by making a switch, then let The Maids do the rest.


The Mattress. Turn it over, and then switch the top of the mattress to the bottom of the bed. This reduces concave areas and should be repeated every six months. Do not forget to vacuum mattresses using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Your Ceiling Fan. Turn the switch on your ceiling fan so the blades are moving counter clockwise and are pushing the air downward. The Baking Soda. It’s time to take out the old baking soda from your refrigerator and replace it with a new box.

Your Condiments. Go through the refrigerator and throw away any condiments past their expiration.

Your Wardrobe. Exchange winter clothes for summer ones. Call your local charity and donate any clean, unwanted clothing.

Your Children’s Toys. If your children’s toy box is overflowing, take out several toys that won’t be noticed and store them in the attic or another out-of-the-way spot. In the fall or after a birthday, take out the box and switch those toys with others in the toy box.

Your Spices. Replace spices that have not been used in over a year. Spices tend to lose their potency over time.

Your Air Filter. Change your furnace filter so it is ready for next winter.

Your Batteries. Change the batteries in all your smoke alarms.

Your Medicine. Open the medicine cabinet and remove any expired medications or prescribed medicine not fully used. It’s better to put medication in the trash than in the sewer, but ensure children or pets can’t get into it. Break up capsules and crush tablets, then put the remains back in the original container with the child-resistant cap. Tape and double bag it. Alternatively, check if local household hazardous-waste collection programs – where you’re supposed to take motor oil and batteries – accept expired medicines.

 Leave other spring cleaning chores like spring cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning and garage cleaning to The Maids. Call now to schedule our many popular spring cleaning additional services.