Spring into Action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You’ve been hibernating all winter – like a black bear, hunkered down with your head between your forepaws, awaiting the arrival of warmer days. Unfortunately, we humans don’t live in the wilderness, sleep for weeks among tree roots, or gain sustenance from our own bodies. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and during those dreary months of inactivity, they can become cluttered, dusty, and downright dirty.

This spring, don’t get down if the shining sun reveals a dingy, disordered domicile. With these easy, environmentally-friendly cleaning tips, you’ll be surprised at how little effort it takes to get – and stay – organized.

  • Take stock of your stuff. Go through all of the places where unused gadgets, gizmos, and garments accumulate. Do you really need that self-turning spaghetti fork? What about your old cassette player? Worn that fanny pack lately? Determine which items need to go and donate them to a charitable organization or find a retailer with a recycling program. Clearing clutter won’t just create more comfortable quarters, it’ll considerably cut back your cleaning time.
  • Clean with cloths. Did you know Americans throw away over 80,000 TONS of paper towels a year? Try a microfiber cloth instead. And, reuse those rogue socks and raggedy tee-shirts for dusting.
  • Make your materials. Eco-friendly cleaners exist, but making your own will save you a mountain of money. More importantly, you’ll no longer need to worry about which toxins you might be spraying around your kids and pets. You can clean most of your home with a mixture of one-half cup of vinegar, one-fourth cup of baking soda, and one-half gallon of water.
  • Say “adios” to aerosols. Over 75 percent of U.S. homes use chemical air fresheners, many of which contain harmful chemicals. Try a natural freshener like baking soda. Or, simply open your windows and let in that splendid spring air.
  • Slow the flow. The typical American family throws out almost 2500 pounds of paper each year, largely because of that never-ending flow of junk mail. Opt out of unwanted bulk mail and sign up for paperless billing.

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