Relax, Have More Fun & Leave Your Cleaning Chores to Us!

Take advantage of our $25.00 off your first clean special now and give it a try.Reflect for a moment on your typical day.  What time do you get up?    Do you take time to eat a healthy breakfast or grab whatever is convenient and run out the door to get somewhere on time? Most of us spend our days running from one activity to the next whether it be dropping kids of at school, driving too fast to get to work on time.  Running from meeting to meeting.  Then back to get kids and drive to soccer practice or tutoring or rushing to the store to pick up something to make for the family dinner and finally dropping into bed exhausted by 10:00 pm.

Our Hectic Schedules Leave Little Time for Rest and Relaxation

More and more Americans are finding it more difficult to juggle responsibilities with our work, children, education and home and do not have any time leftover to just relax anymore.  However, according to the most recent research, relaxing may actually help us get more done as it turns out.  Taking more vacations and taking a little extra time on a weekly basis for fun may boost productivity, job performance and of course, the most important factor of all- our health.  But where do we find this precious time in that 24 hours we all get in a single day?  We cannot increase the available hours in a day.  But the one thing we can control is our energy level can affect how much we can get done in that same 24 hours.   It is a proven fact that taking time to relax and decompress actually makes us more productive even if we had less time to accomplish the same tasks.

So We Know We Need to Relax, But Where Do We Find The Time?

Since our responsibilities never seem to diminish, we need to find a way to delegate some of our responsibilities to someone else to free up a little relaxation time.  Most people cannot change their working hours no matter what your productivity so there is no room there.  Many of us do not want to delegate anything when it comes to our children because we want to be involved in every aspect of our children s lives and day to day activities.  How about housework?  Now that is one responsibility that can be done safely and efficiently by a trained professional and it offers results twofold: You will now have about 3-4 hours of extra time to do whatever you want.  And your home will be clean and organized so that you don’t waste any precious time looking for things in clutter when you are in a hurry.  And what a trade off that is:  Less time cleaning bathrooms and floors to go sit under a tree and read a book or take your kids to the park!

The Maids To The Rescue

Just one call to The Maids and we will send over a uniformed, professionally trained 4 person team to completely scrub your home from top to bottom.  Because there are 4 people, they can get the equivalent of 8 hours of cleaning done in a single, two-hour visit!  So you can potentially gain those 8 hours of freedom and only have them in your home for 2 hours or less! If you could just focus on your work and family and not have to spend any of your extra few hours weekly cleaning your floors, bathrooms, kitchen and dusting to keep harmful allergens out of your home, you would have those few extra hours to yourself to do whatever makes you happy and ultimately more productive!

Take advantage of our 25.00 off your first clean special now and give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.