One More Thing Before You Go!

Plane tickets and road maps burning holes in your pocket? Ours too. But before you go strapping suitcases to the roof of your car and hitting the road, check off a few easily forgettable, yet essential, items from your pre–travel chores. We’ve devised a list sure to have your home ready for your return:


  • Clean out the fridge. Last week’s lasagna will resemble a science experiment gone bad by the time you return!
  • Let the coffee pot breathe. Lift the lid and allow it to dry completely.
  • Take out all the trash. Self-explanatory, yet often forgotten.
  • Drains and disposals. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Run the faucet to clear the drain of food remnants. If you have a disposal, toss some lemon wedges and run them through to create a pleasant aroma.


  • Tidy the toilet. Just this one time, leave the seat up to prevent moisture from breeding mold.
  • Straighten the shower curtain. Mold can’t grow in crevices if they’re smoothed out.


  • Make the bed. Feeling really ambitious? Put clean sheets on – ahh! Who doesn’t love the feeling of clean sheets?
  • Remove drinking glasses. If you keep a glass at your bedside, return it to the kitchen along with any tea cups and tea bags.
  • For safety, put one or two lamps on timers to give the appearance that someone is there.

It’s easy to neglect nagging details when the sea or mountains or forest or family reunion beckons, but nobody wants to come home to a smelly, messy house. Organize the entrance table before you go to avoid coming home to clutter. If someone is watching your home, make sure they have a designated basket or bin for the mail. The little things go a long way.