Glen Burnie, MD House Cleaning Customer Testimonial

4walkinAs part of our commitment to superior customer service, we send out customer surveys that gathers honest and anonymous feedback from our clients so that we can continue to improve on our service. We get lots of great feedback and here is a recent one from a customer who chose to identify himself and gave us 5 stars!

Here are the questions and answers submitted by our customer from a cleaning last week:

Greeting by Team Members

Team Leader’s ability to effectively communicate Very Happy – 5

Professionalism upon entering the home
Very Happy – 5

Overall, how satisfied were you with your last cleaning?
Very Happy

The Vacuuming
Very Happy

The Dusting
Very Happy

Cleaning of the Kitchen
Very Happy

Cleaning of the Bathrooms
Very Happy

The thoroughness of the cleaning:
Very Happy

Rate your satisfaction with the attentiveness of the Team Leader that most recently cleaned your home.

If a friend or family member was looking for a cleaning service, how likely would you be to recommend The Maids?
Extremely Likely

Tell People About The Maids
Very thorough, Great attention-to-detail, receptive to feedback, highly professional, AND they seemed to be happy / enjoying their jobs (friendly conversation while they worked, some laughter)– a nice “vibe” around my Home.

Please tell us how we lived up to your expectations of the visit.
5 – Wow! Significantly exceeded expectations

May we contact you regarding your comments? * Yes