Get your house cleaned for your Labor Day BBQ and Save $28

iStock 000022696319 ExtraSmallDid you know that Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday? It’s true and it happened back in February of 1887. Ironically, because Labor Day weekend is such a big shopping weekend, many retail workers actually work harder and longer hours than normal. And it wouldn’t be Labor Day weekend in America without all of those highly advertised sales that feature everything from groceries to furniture.

The Maids would like to contribute to your Labor Day weekend by helping you work less and play more and save money while doing it. We will help you work on one less thing – house cleaning. And we will offer a Labor Day sale like all of the stores! Receive $28 off your very own professional house cleaning and get ready for all of your family and friends to come over for the best Labor Day weekend tradition: The BBQ party.

To receive your $28 discount on a professional and thorough house cleaning, fill out our online quote form at the link below and make sure to mention the Labor Day Discount in the comments field.

Or you may call Linda Crosby at our office at: 800-783-1938 for a quote over the phone.

The Maids would love to help you have more time to have fun, save money and have a house that is clean and ready for the big BBQ weekend.