Field managers ensure quality

Often when out at a quality restaurant, at some point during your meal, the manager might stop by your table and ask, “How is everything this evening?” The restaurant manager is taking the time to reach out, even after the wait staff has inquired about your experience, to ensure quality. This management role is similar to that of The Maids’ field manager.

If home during your service, you likely recognize the team members who provide service; however, our field managers are another layer of quality assurance. As staff members, they are invaluable at evaluating quality work, training team members, working with customers and providing a connection from you to the franchise owner.

Their role is focused on satisfaction. This includes performing frequent in-home visits and providing telephone contact with customers to assure quality and resolve any problems.

Next time a field manager stops by for an inspection, be sure to give them feedback on your service. They are eager to help ensure our service meets your every need. In addition, please use the survey cards left in your home after each clean to give comments.