Before You Hire A Housekeeper, Read This

Hiring friends, family or a neighbor as a housekeeper may seem like a good idea. Especially in a tough economy, it seems like a great way to save money and a way to help someone out who may be struggling. These arrangements often turn sour, sometimes having emotional, financial or legal consequences.

What To Look For In A Housekeeper


Ability to clean may seem simple, but the housekeeper should be in good health and able to clean according to the schedule you determine. Reliable transportation is often important.

You should also agree up front if you will provide cleaning supplies or they will bring their own. If your housekeeper is bringing their own supplies, you may want to review the substances they will be using and ask, for example, if they change or clean the vacuum filter between homes.


Ability and experience aren’t the same thing. Making sure that your potential housekeeper has experience cleaning homes, especially ones similar to your own home (size, layout, design, etc).


Since you may not be home while your housekeeper is cleaning, trust is a very important consideration. Ask for references and call them to see how happy they are with the housekeeping service.

Insurance and Bonding

If you hire a friend or neighbor as a housekeeper, they may not have insurance or bonding. That means that if they are injured in your home, or if there is theft or negligence on their part, you may be the one who ends up footing the bill.

Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the most common complaints about housekeepers is that the homeowner is not satisfied with the level or degree of cleaning. If your housekeeper is a friend or family member, you may be worried about hurting their feelings.


If you pay a regular housekeeper, federal law may require you to pay social security or other taxes. Be sure to check with your accountant or the IRS if you have questions about paying employment taxes.

Why Hire The Maids For Housekeeping

The Maids is a professional team of housekeepers, with over 20 years of experience in the Annapolis, Bowie, Catonsville, Columbia, Ellicott City and Silver Spring areas of Maryland. Each home receives a four person cleaning team, who is highly trained and experienced to clean homes throughly from floor to ceiling.

We use top of the line products including environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, HEPA filtration back pack vacuums and microfiber cleaning cloths. Our housekeepers undergo a rigorous screening process before joining our team and then complete a training program before entering someone’s home.

The Maids is bonded and insured. Because we are an independent, professional housekeeping service, there are no additional taxes, fees or expenses.

Don’t just take our work for it, though, The Maids is most proud of its high rate of satisfaction among its clients. Read Our Client Testimonials